Okay, if you follow me on

Okay, if you follow me on

Okay, if you follow me on Twitter or have read my blog enough you will know that I have been on a mission to do polka dots on my nails. I even got a dotting tool from Sallys. I thought to myself , problem solved. Well I still didn''t get it right, I thought it was the dotting tool, then I thought it was me. I thought I must be the only person in the world who cant make polka dots. So last night after reading a tutorial on Steph''s Closet I decided to give her manicure a try. The solution was simple! It was the polish I was using. I always used this white polish because I wanted white polka dots, but that polish was very old and clumpy. No wonder I couldn''t make one polka dot without a string of polish following it on the dotting tool. Now it almost seems obviously ridiculous!

I like this, but I have added that white stripe along the bottom. I was just so excited that I did a little too much. Oh well, this is only staying on for one day. I''m trying again tomorrow!

There''s no doubt about it, this is the best purple I''ve seen. To date. I had to throw my disclaimer in there because it''s easy for me to fall in love with a color. I picked this up for 2.99 (yes!) at Hot Topic this weekend. That was an experience by itself. I don''t shop at there, but I figured I would endure the stares anyway to get my hands on this polish. What was with that anyway? Get over yourselves. Makes me want to shop online only. Anyway, my camera could not capture the absolute gorgeousness of this polish! It''s very purple in real life, with blue and purple glitter. In the sun it looks like a little pink/reddish glitter is thrown in there for good measure. Here it is outdoors:

Now indoors:

The bottle design is weird, just because of the handle. I mean the cap is tiny so its a little hard to hold. Sorry, I couldn''t tell you about the dry time, I was watching The Nanny on Nick at Nite at the time I was applying it. The formula felt a little runny, but maybe that was because I kept picking up globs of polish on that silly brush. However, even with all that, this is a keeper! I love it!

Here''s the second of my BOGO 50% off polish I got at Claire''s. These don''t have names on them so um, here''s black:

The cool thing about this polish is that right in the handle they include loose glitter! Or in my case, silver stars! Good concept right? Here''s what the top looks like:

I couldn''t wait to try this out. The polish I had no problem with. Nice formula, went on smooth and the brush was better than the Claire''s Mixable polish. It seemed wider and thicker. The handle wasn''t even awkward to hold, seeing as it looks longer than my usual polishes. Does this cool bottle translate into a good manicure? Well, judge by the pictures yourself.

So I tried to shake the glitter out and it went everywhere! Since I wanted to do this while my polish was not all the way dry and still just a little tacky, there was no rearranging the stars without messing the polish up. So I let the chips fall where they may. This is not a very smooth manicure. These are big stars to be on nails and some of them are stacked on top of each other. This is two coats of the Claire''s polish and I sealed with Seche Vite.

This is a very good concept, but maybe it would have went better if I had gotten a polish with smaller loose glitter. Or if I had waited until my polish was all the way dry so that I could arrange the stars on my nails.

How cool is that? 3 colors mixed in one bottle for a color surprise! I''ve been meaning to get my hands on these ever since I saw them on Scrangie''s blog and this weekend I finally did. I have no idea how this works but I love the concept. Of course I picked this one hoping for pink, my favorite color, but check out what I got below:

Looks pink indoors, but check it out in the sun:

It''s orange! Trust me, it''s very orange. These pics don''t do it justice. I was hoping for a pink and it turned out to be a orange, the first orange I''ve ever loved against my skin tone. No, its not the fist orange I''ve ever bought, but its the first one I''ve ever loved. It dried fast and very matte. This is three coats + Seche Vite and I did three coats because I could still see my nail line at two coats. These are 5 dollars at Claire''s and I happened to catch a sale for BOGO 50% so I have another Claire''s polish to show you tomorrow!

Look what I found at Trade Secret:

What it says on the bottle:
CND Solar Manicure is a one step exfoliating treatment with the properties of Solar Oil . Sea salts provide mild exfoliation while super penetrating formula conditions nails and skin.

Apply a small amount to hands and gently massage. Rinse well with warm water and pat dry. Finish by massing to help the natural oils penetrate into the skin.

The jar opened:

Let me just say that I love Solar Oil and this felt like a heavenly, thicker, moisturizing version for my whole hand. And the fragrance! It smells good, I don''t know how to describe it, but it smells better than Solar Oil. My hands felt really, soft and moisturized. I mean with all those oils in there, sunflower, sweet almond, jojoba, etc, it has to feel great. I was afraid it was going to be too oily to wash off with just water or that it would feel great as long as it was on but as soon as it washed away I wouldn''t feel the benefits. Both of my assumptions were wrong. It washed off just fine and my hands were still soft when I patted them dry.

Exfoliating beads feel really great when you massage this in
Super moisturizing
Pleasant fragrance

Those beads feel great but they will fly everywhere! Keep a paper towel or towel near to keep the mess to a minimum.
A bit pricey, it regularly retails for 15.95 at Trade Secret but I got it on clearance for 60% off

Verdict? Its a nice product to have in my collection for when I want to do something extra special for my manicures. I use acetone and that is harsh on my hands, this definitely could restore the moisturize I lose. I imagine it would feel even better if someone else was massaging my hands! A girl can dream...